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golden birthday brunch

golden birthday brunch

This year, I welcomed twenty-four. 

Twenty four years of stories, growth, people, and pruning. 

If you've yet to hear of the term golden birthday, allow me to be the first to introduce you! Your golden birthday is the single celebration where the date your born meets the age you're stepping into. For me, this year, it was the ripe age of twenty-four. Turning 24 on the 24th (of February, to be exact).

I'd sat on this concept for quite some time and decided that I would best enjoy this opportunity if I showered a handful of women I felt had influenced my time here in Redding. 


Most of the friendships I've nourished here have been born form the industry I chose to immerse myself in. And so, I find myself surrounded by incredibly talented creatives. 

Stephanie with Double Dipped Calligraphy was the brain behind this playful, yet refined invite design. With a handful of guiding words and general understanding of my personal preference, Stephanie was able to curate was I can only describe as my perfectly representative invite suite. 


Stephanie demonstrates the ideal balance of professional and friend. I'm so thankful to be able to count on her for each at any given time. She made her move to the Los Angeles area at the end of 2016, although we were fortunate enough to enjoy her company during this brunch ( moment of rejoice!). 

And then there's Katie, florist extraordinaire. She's one of the few people I know who is capable of turning a handful of descriptive words into a product ( see phenomenal arrangement above. oiu.) As if she snagged the image right from your noggin. Katie is a fierce friend, creative, mother, and always at the top of my list for counsel. I appreciate transparency and tolerate little less; I'm grateful to have an honest friend in her. 

Which brings us to Yvonne. Snag one coffee date with Yvonne and you'll leave feeling like you've known one another an entire lifetime. She affords you the rare luxury of feeling heard, known, and desired, and I hope she understands just how greatly appreciated that truly is. I'm so thankful to be able to do community with Yvonne and watch how she so gracefully improves the lives of those around her. 


cheesecake + magnolias make for a mighty fine pair.

This intimate brunch was greater than the handful of women celebrated above ( and those who were otherwise unable to make it). I'm so very thankful to have had the opportunity to share a morning with each of them, and to have a friend as talented as Grace to capture it all.

styling, concept, + meal / eliante + co 

photography / Grace Aston Photography

floral / Floranthropist 

calligraphy / Double Dipped Calligraphy 

cake / BTTRCRM

collaborative summer shoot

collaborative summer shoot

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