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flower crown workshop

flower crown workshop

I moved to the Redding area nearly two years ago. Two years ago, I was welcomed a new life altogether with my husband in an entirely foreign town + the only set of familiar faces being my in-laws. It's a fairly intimidating place in life to find oneself.

Intuition plays a fairly critical role in my life as far as decisions are concerned; there's hardly ever a choice that wasn't preceded with 'I feel like...'

My growing relationship with Katie is no excpetion. I was first approached by Katie, the creative beauty behind the Floranthropist at my first ever bridal show (where I was representing my small cake business).


It was clear that our short conversation was the foundation of something beautiful and long-lived. Undoubtedly something beyond a new face in a foreign place.

A hello stumbled into a how to you do folded into a let's have coffee.

Today, nearly two years later, we've found ourselves hosting this lovely concept of a collaborative series of flower crown workshops. 

Wednesday marked the first pubicly known workshop. 

A group of women gathered at the Floranthropist Studio, sister space to the flower shop.

In anticipated fashion, Heather Armstrong so very generously, kindly, and gracefully captured moments from the event. 

Simply put, a handful of ladies gathered for a couple of hours to cultivate beauty in the form of flower crown. Paired with dry humor, an equally dry brut, and a bit of popcorn. It was lovely.

Katie gathered stems, I offered them family style on our shared table.

with exactly zero standards, we created. some of us strangers, a number of familiar faces. in great contrast to my sea of unfamiliarity from two years past, all I really needed was a space to create beautiful things with even more beautiful people.

From the minimalist design featuring a single statement stem to a crown adorned with dozen of dynamic elements, each designed boasted its creators' personality. 

The next available event will be held on Sunday, April 23rd from 1-3 o'clock at the Floranthropist Studio. Tickets are available here.

I sincerely hope to see you there.

venue | Floranthropist Studio

photography | Heather Armstrong

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